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11/11/17 12:00 PM (CST)
Murfreesboro, TN
For Sale

The buyer is responsible for the cost of the health certificate, required to cross state lines.

10755037 | DOB 01/20/17 | Price $3,000.00

100% fullblood. His sire is Wildwind's Buzzy, teat structure is 1 X 1 and clean, mouth is sound, scrotum is perfect If you are looking for a herd changing dapple, this buck is for you, "That Boy" is a fancy buck! I do not get this color and high quality of buck every year. He is a carbon copy of his dad ( Buzzy) and grand dad (Rippin'It), which is the foundation of our herd and we are still breeding with it today to produce some of our best, both can be seen on our sire page.

10755038 | DOB 01/20/17 | Price $2,500.00

We are offering this beautiful spotted black buck E G W WILDWIND'S ADMIRAL 10755038. He's loaded with muscle, width and style, he is show correct, ready to bred your girls. This is a Wildwind's Buzzy son the same as Wildwind's Great Expectations 10736345, he has all the same components. We are located in Wetumpka, Al. Wildwind Farm.

10756859 | DOB 02/01/2017 | Price $2,750.00

We are adding this KING PIN buck to our list of for sale bucks. Wildwind's Redemption 10756859. D O B 2/1/17 His dam is one of our top does, a Frisky / Rip doe. His mouth is show correct (perfect) and his teats are 2 X 2 well separated and clean. This is some of the hottest genetics out there, this buck will be an asset to anyone's breeding program. Price asking $2750


11/11/17 12:00 PM (CST)
Tennessee Livestock Center
1720 Greenland Drive.
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

100% Fullblood doe
10760047 | DOB 1/21/17

Wildwind's Trudy is a beautiful 100% fullblood red doe! Level top, Roman nose, teats are 1 X 1 clean, perfect bite, tight shoulders, tracts out wide, a real nice hind quarter, lots of bone. She is from our best black doe, and out of Wildwind's Buzzy our Big black dapple. His kids this year where sure exciting to see! Her brother and sister where both solid blacks.

100% Fullblood doe
10760048 | DOB 11/08/2016

Kelley is a Wildwind's Apollo daughter, teats 1 x 1, mouth is perfect, roman nose, color pigment, structurally correct, wide hip, thick throughout. She has a hind quarter you can not miss. A real sweet package,"Wildwind's Kelley" 100% Fullblood doe will surely be an asset to someone's breeding and flush program. She sells in the Fall Splash of Color! She will be a year old at sale time

100% Fullblood doe
10760050 | DOB 11/8/2016

Wildwind's Faith is a beautiful 100% fullblood red dapple doe out of Rippin'It. This will be the last doe out of him we will ever offer, he was the foundation buck to our whole colored program. This doe is up headed, long loined, nice front end, great hind quarters, singled Teats 1 X 1 clean, perfect mouth, she a year old at sale time, a doe you will be proud to own!

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